WISA - Made in Germany


Following products are manufactured at our modern site on costumers request.

Manufacture of new articles, overhauling and maintenance also amendments from:
  • Inject moulding tools
  • Experiment and short run tools (steel, aluminium)
  • Mucell/TSG tools
  • Inject punch tools
  • Expansion(foaming) tools
  • Jig device and gauges
  • Compression mould


Inject moulding spectrum
  • 2 component inject moulding in all layouts
  • Cube tools
  • Inject punch tools
  • Internal gas pressure inject moulding tools
  • Inject moulding tools for organo sheet metal
  • Inject moulding tools for LWRT-feeder
  • Inject moulding tools with steel –feeder
  • Inject moulding tools with precision stroke
  • Sublevel tools
  • Turning plate tools
Max. tool weight 25 t