WISA - Made in Germany



1 x DMU 200P 5 axis 1800mm x 2000mm x 1100mm steering  Heidenhain
1 x DMU 200P 5 axis 1800mm x 2000mm x 1100mm steering  Heidenhain

1x Hermle C52 U: 5 axis 1100mm x 1000mm x 750mm steering  Heidenhain

1x Hermle PW2000 Palettenwechsler an Hermle C52. max. transfer weight 2000kg

1 x DMU 80 3 axis 800mm x 650 x 600mm steering Heidenhain
1 x OPS Ingersoll Eagle V5 Competition 550mm x 400mm x 400mm steering Heidenhain

1 x Mori Seiki 3axis 800mm x 500mm x 500mm steering Heidenhain
1 x portal milliing machine 3axis 2230mm x 1700mm x 1000mm steering Heidenhain
1 x POS mill H800 U 5 axis 670mm x 830mm x 600mm
1 x RP400 Automation of POSmill H800U: max. transfer weight 500kg

Wire EDM

1 x Mitsubishi FA30 5 axis contour controlled work piece size 1300mmx1000mm travelling distance 750mm x 550mm

Sink erosion machine

1 x OPS-Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 800 contour contr. 1100mm x 800mm x 500mm
1 x OPS Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 1200 contour contr. 1250mm x 1800mm x 800mm


3 x Radial drilling machine max. diameter 50mm

Deep-hole drilling

1 x d.h.d machine 3000mm x 3000mm, drill depth 1500mm

Rotating machine

1 x r.m. 1000mm x 180mm


1 x Millutensil MIL 253  mounting table 2500mm x 1700mm, swiveling & turn table

Laser welding

1 x Alphalaser ALM 200

Injekt moulding tools

Guard control 100to - 1800to all inject moulding machines have various core puller up to 6 time cascade steering GID and machine controlled tempering.