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All incoming customers article data undergo an intensive makeabilty proof due to plastical and tool compability. In close contact with our costumers the utmost of the CAD-data undergoes an optimizing and improvement check , and subsequently is implemented from the construction division.


Already in the very early stage of the project, fill-simulations are established, in order to dismiss problems in latter injection processing for the customer. If required, the article data undergo several optimizing loops and to ensure an optimal balanced mould filling. With the newest injection simulation software all relevant analysis can take place, according to cascade simulation, MuCell-calculation, injection moulding, different fill and pressure dwells, distortion analysis, fibre orientation, avoiding hotspots, optimized mould temperature and so on are not foreign words to us but terms used in our daily work. The bulked fill report will be explain to full content to the customer in order to accomplish a approval for implementation of the moulding tool.


The tool construction due to specification sheet and design specification from the customer are supplement WISA- internal by CATIA V5. On the bases of our customer profiles and with CATIA 5 it enables us with nearly all our customers,  to undertake article data modifications which ensures an efficient data replacement for the customer. CAD- Systems, from other producers is also all right to WISA GmbH.


For the long term employees from WISA GmbH it is more than a pleasure to meet up to the most difficult assignment of tasks and they are even looking forward for more. In alliance with modern CAM- Systems all the different tool making parts are arranged in virtual process machine and can be set free for further processing, after a profound look through from one of our employee.


  • GIBcam-Drill CAM
  • VISI-Wire
  • Simcon Cadmould
  • Tebis


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