WISA - Made in Germany


WISA-Team Weitere Produktionshallen seit 2008 und 2013 Innenansicht Halle 2 Innenansicht Halle 1 Innenansicht Halle 2 seit 1995 im Gewerbegebiet in Denkendorf

The WISA Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH was established in 1991 from Mr. Winetzhammer Rudolf and Mr. Saffert Reinhard. Move from Kipfenberg to the industrial estate in Denkendorf in 1995.


An second production and administration hall was build 2008 in the same street in Denkendorf, extended by further 680m². Mr. Winetzhammer Rudolf withdrew 2011 from the management board and handed the commercial leadership over to Mrs. Dresel Marion.


2013 a third production area was expanded by a further 920m². Up to date the establishment size has grown up to a overall size of 2.500m². 2015 Mr. Saffert Reinhard also retired from the management board. Mr. Decker Torsten is now in charge of the technical management. Since 2015 our company has been owned by KK Trading + Service GmbH & Co. KG.

There is one principle in our company with 40 employees:


that’s the WISA statement.



In our company the education of our qualified team is more than significant. Branch of study:
Technical product designer: machinery and equipment construction, precision mechanic, functional direction: toolmaking and cutting machine technic. To accomplish the high quality standard of WISA GmbH for the future, only the principle of a good apprenticeship for our employees, will please todays industrial requirements.